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I have purchased and sold many properties and I just have to say that Linda Singer is very good at Real Estate legal matters. I highly suggest that if you are looking for quality work and a reasonable price call her directly: 877-866-2892


Mark Horton

Real Estate Attorney Miami

Real estate law concerns all issues relating to the purchase, sale and ownership of real property.

As part of our legal services, we practice real estate law in the following areas:

  • Real Estate and Mortgage Closings
  • Evictions (representing landlord only)

Real Estate Process

After making the decision to purchase real property and a price is agreed upon between the buyer and the seller, the next step is for both parties to enter into a written contract. It is strongly suggested that you seek the services of a lawyer to help you before you sign such a document. This is very important because there is little that any lawyer can do for you in trying to change a contract once you have already signed the contract. The fact that the deal may be unfair is not a valid basis to overturn or void a contract between two consenting parties.

A lawyer can assist you throughout the process by explaining the real estate closing process, communicating with all concerned to ensure adherence to the contract provisions and by preparing, obtaining and / or reviewing the title and closing documents.


An eviction is the legal process to remove a tenant from occupying property. The eviction process has definite deadlines and procedural rules that both the landlord and tenant must follow. Failure to comply with the procedural rules or time deadlines for an eviction case can be fatal to your cause. If you need to remove a tenant, it is strongly suggested that you seek the advice and help of a lawyer for your case.

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