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Spinal Cord Injury

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A breakthrough has been made at Cambridge. The use of olfactory cells on dogs has granted them the ability to walk again. The cells would be applied to their spinal cord injuries. The test was conducted on 34 dogs who lost the use of their hind legs. Twenty three of the dogs had olfactory cells removed from other areas of their body. Those dogs showed significant progress.

In the case of humans, the results aren’t the same. Olfactory cells placed in the spinal cord injuries won’t re-establish the control. The cells assist in making limbs more functional. But, the feeling associated with those limbs won’t return. Those who suffered from a spinal cord injury have a tough road lies ahead.

If you or someone close to you has a spinal cord injury due to an accident, it is time to call an attorney. Your injury may be the result of someone’s careless error. Consultation with an attorney is always free. Anyone dealing with a spinal cord injury knows that everyday is a struggle. This is an opportunity for restitution.


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